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Fitted some hand shields to keep them winter winds of my pinkies, didn't want to mess with handlebars so got some that bolted on via the mirror bolts.
Universal fittings, hah, had to do some repositioning of the throttle cables, and drilling out the devices support bars, but they are on.
They are obviously designed for scooters cos they are a bit flimsy, and the supports flex too much... but they do the job and come off when spring comes
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did a trial ride (Sunday 14th) today , weather was horrible but suprising amount of bikes out , mainly Rememberance Sunday Ride Outs....
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Lots of grizzled types scratching their heads, and saying quizzically "we do this for fun?"
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But at least the queue at Rykas's was short enough that I got my coffee and sausage roll in under 4 minutes !
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Good stuff. I spy a Pan America - don’t think I’ve seen one in the wild yet.

Ive definitely put the bike away too early this year - just my luck. If I hadn’t, it would be snowing now……:cautious:

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