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Probably the last ride this year, cross country West Sussex to Newlands Corner, Surrey, only about ten bikes , inc, a nice Kat
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Sky Vehicle

and a 1930's J.A.P. powered three wheeler
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

and then off to Gomshall , where the quaint natives observe the festive season, they are about 2metres high and made of drift wood.....
Glasses Tree Eyewear Plant Vision care

ended up, as usual, at Box Hill , again diehards only, another nice Kat (photo didn't come out ) and an array of old Fords -Escorts, Cortinas, Anglias and Capris'
Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle Tire
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle

Off now to give the Bike a wash before wrapping it up against the weather.....
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