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Toothless Travels October2

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Well , out today for the first time in a fortnight , having been spending time with my unfriend , Campylobacter....
Food poisoning, and I cooked, so can't blame the Wife.
Anyway nice day , and some pretties seen, preciouses....
Cloud Plant Water Sky Tire

The Local Hammer ponds, so called cos they powered the Roman /medievil Iron industry
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Still no sight of an SCR... However did meet up with the UK Bolt Owners club, who had met another Bolt Rider and were persuading him that 1.) the left and right standard mirrors had stems of different length, and 2.) there was actually a Scrambler version of his bike!
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Is that you in the hat with the ruler then, lol?

Is that you in the hat with the ruler then, lol?

Nah, thats mad Engineer Bolt Rider, I wuz taking the piccy......
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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