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Just an idea here, but there is so much extra room under the seat, that I'm halfway considering making a fuel cell that would slide in there. My thoughts are if I could move the tool kit and a few sensors out of the way, I could weld some sheet metal together to make a tank and then POR-15 the inside. I'd install the OEM fuel pump in the under-seat tank, hanging off the left side down where the tool kit wound normally be. Then I'd make a replacement flange with a large fuel hose fitting that attaches to the tank where the original fuel pump attached. I'd also have to plumb in a vent line from the new tank to either the vent line or the return line. (Haven't thought that part through yet). Something would have to be done about the fuel level sensor too. Not sure how that works exactly, but maybe it can be moved. Or if it's a simple float and arm like the one on my old V65 Sabre, the arm could be bent so it doesn't read low fuel until all the fuel is out of the upper tank.

There'd be maybe a half gallon in the under-seat tank, but a half gallon more at 50mpg is 25 miles more range.... which on the Blue Ridge Parkway may be the difference between riding and walking, as gas is often hard to find.

I suppose just implementing a seat quick-release and tossing a couple MSR fuel bottles under there has a similar effect, without all the extra work... but what's the fun in that?

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