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Looks good to me from the photos and test rides. I will visit a dealer soon to have a look.
I ride a lot of forest service roads at a moderate pace here in the mountains of Western NC and Eastern TN on my Ural and looks like the
SCR would do just fine here.
Just gonna lurk for a while.


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Mostly day rides <100 miles. Shorter until I can figure out a new seat. The stock one is about as bad as anything I've ever ridden. And I worked at a bike shop for 14 years!
In the meantime, before you decide on which seat to get, you could try adding one of those gel seat inserts to make things a bit more cushy. Add on a sheepskin seat cover and you're good to go.

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The tire pressures could have a big say-so, too.
Stock recommended pressures are 41psi front and rear!
That's bizarre considering Bolt C-Spec runs 33psi front and 36psi rear.
Stranger still is running more pressure on off-road patterned tires.
I don't get it.

As for the seat, it seems to sit tall as it is. I have a 30" inseam and the seat/footpeg arrangement's okay.
I thought about adding a wool seat pad. In fact, my girlfriend's got one on her V-Star 950 that I bought her a couple of years ago.
I may ask if I can try it out. Not sure I'd like the extra height, though.

The stock seat is pretty hard. Coupled with the general shape, it's like riding a rubber coated landscaping timber. ;-)
A reshape is in order, at least. I'm waiting on an available OEM replacement seat before I go carving up the original.
The dealership checked and there's a part #. Just nothing in stock yet.

Considering the simple nature of the rear sub frame. I may see if I can make a seat pan and construct a seat of my own to try out.
Bracketry looks easy enough and if I use 1/2" marine plywood, shaping and covering would be a snap.
Stay tuned, campers!
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