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What the heck happened to the site Saturday?

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What the heck happened to the site on Saturday?
I thought we'd lost this thing forever when the domain name expiration message came up.
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Okay, this is odd. I just attempted to open a photo I'd added to a post in a fresh tab and got the same domain name expiration message.
Seems to be working on my end. Not sure about Saturday since I was on vacation.
I think the Site Feedback, Help & Support section of the forum are for site problems?
The website seems to be fully operational right now. We could as admins what happened but I wouldn't bother. Just glad the issue was short-lived. How long was the outage for?
I was trying to get on here too and got the same message, I don't think it lasted too long though. Kinda odd but the main thing is... we're all back together again! ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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