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Woohoo, I finally got one!!!

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Hey guys, I got my bike delivered half an hour ago!

Finally I got one, it has been a testing four weeks.

As you may recall, firstly, the mob at Holzhauer reneged on the deal, then the price went up $500 because Yamaha took off a dealer discount that was in place during February.

Then I entered into negotiations with a guy in South Carolina for a second hand one, we had a deal but he went completely unresponsive, probably buyers remorse having paid $11k originally.

But then I found one on ebay with 250 miles on the clock, a customer return. It was at Big St Charles in Missouri and I was quick to make an offer.

Ironically Big St Charles is part of Holzhauer, so I bought from the same people who refused to sell it to me in the first place, this time via a friend with a Florida drivers License to avoid a repeat situation.

The bike is, as expected, almost new, the price was very very good.

Here are pictures of my new ride, and my "first impressions". I am really concerned about the footpegs they are very aggressive and they cause damage every time my legs are in the wrong spot, which is basically always.

The bike was delivered by some wonderful people called Moto Junkies, the principal is Tom Shaw, I cannot recommend them highly, they are super professional and specialize in transporting bikes in an enclosed trailer. Prices are very good 314-450-6699.
Please tell Tom Adrian of the SCR950 in Miami recommended him, if you are going to use them.

The bike was delivered by Pam, I was expecting a burly truckie with flannel shirt long beard and standard-issue beer gut, and then this hottie comes along :x.

Unfortunately, the people at Big St Charles sat on the paperwork, so I wont have a bike to ride this weekend :frown2: but at least it is in my yard :grin2:

Anyway I am a happy man today. Unfortunately I have been riding a horrible Honda Shadow for the last month, so now the SCR950 feels as tall as a mountain. Hopefully I will adapt quick, having owned R80G/S and monsters like that in the past.

Off to buy some footpegs, a bit of hose to sleeve those in, soccer shin pads or just first aid supplies, whatever I find first, lol.

Cheers to all!


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Congrats on finally find one! Looks like you couldn't find an all-blacked-out one but hey, it's just paint right? Enjoy the new ride, stay safe, and hit me up if you want some leather side-bags instead of paying an arm and a leg for Yamaha's brackets and bags.
Congrats on finally find one! Looks like you couldn't find an all-blacked-out
Very happy with the rapid red one as I did not want a grey. I had the all black yamaha in Spain a few months back, including black rims, it looks dull.

So I am happy with what I got
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Congrats Muttley! Guess it's time to start riding in long pants so the pegs won't scratch up your legs anymore.
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