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My wife and I are camping in northern Michigan and we love riding our bicycles on the well maintained bike paths. However, today's adventure was way more hills than I was ready for. Nearly blacked out from exhaustion. So I'm giving some serious thought to getting a couple Yamaha e-bikes. I would fund most this adventure with whatever I can get for my SCR. I just don't ride it much anymore. When I feel like riding I jump on one of my old Yamaha enduros and go for a ride. Time will tell. It just doesn't light my fuse like it did when I bought it.

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I and Mrs vb have had e-mtb's for 4 yrs now, we haven't used our analogue bikes since getting them! Are they great fun? Is the Pope catholic? Both e-bikes are Cube, which is a fairly decent make.
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That's France in the background, just 20 miles or so away from us.
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